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Fall line: suit

Professional Sales Representation

Man in Coppley suitBruce H. Brandt and Associates, Ltd.has over 30 years of experience in this industry and deals with the finest retailers in the midwest. It presently represents The Coppley Apparel Group.

Coppley, a Hamilton, Ontario based company, now owned by Hartmarx Corp., is famous for its ability to produce world class custom made clothing in 7 working days! Coppley works with retailers who use Accumeasure Plus as the enhanced online digital measuring system for custom suits.

For Fall 2007, Coppley is introducing to the United States its world class shirt and tie collections. The shirts will have a custom and stock replenishment component similar to its tailored clothing division.

About Bruce Brandt

I'm an ex-New Yorker, who graduated from Bradley University and moved to Chicago to head up the midwest office of my family's shirt manufacturing business. I have remained in the apparel industry and have my own sales representation company. Please check our events page for a listing of shows I will do for the upcoming season.

Bruce in the Windy City